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Rurouni Kenshin [Filmgarde Exclusive]
Opening Date : 29 November 2012
Cast : Yû Aoi, Takeru Satoh, Emi Takei
Director : Keishi Ohtomo
Language : Japanese with English & Chinese Subtitles
Genre : Action / Adaption / Drama
Runtime : 135 mins
Rating : NC16 (Some Violence)
Based on the most successful and acclaimed manga & anime series (known as Samurai X in America) about a former assassin who resorts to using the dull end of his blade to subdue his enemies. The movie achieved huge box office success in Japan, grossing over US$36 million; and raving reviews for the action scenes & perfect film adaptation. Nearly 140 years ago, in the last days of the Shoguns, there was a man known as “Battosai the Killer,” feared as the most powerful assassin.He was faster than a god, stronger than a demon, and had a leading spirit of the Meiji Restoration.In a flash he downs any number of opponents. Once he pulled out his sword, nobody survived against him.As the war ended and the new Meiji era came, Battosai vanished from the world.The only thing that remained was his legend.10 years later, a man appeared in a world still in disarray.His name is Kenshin Himura, a wanderer who saves people with a back-blade sword that cannot kill.This is Battosai the Killer, who has taken a pledge never to kill again.In order to bring peace to the world so that his loved ones can live safely,Now Kenshin’s battle begins!